YNK Recap: “Episode 6: Chris ‘Drama’ Pfaff”

If you haven’t had time to check out this weeks episode, then you’re in for a trip. For those of you who have listened, this will be a pleasant recap on some valuable wisdom.

From visiting past hardships to self-introspection, Mike and Drama had more to say than the video camera could hold—no seriously, the camera died again. However, this might be the most amount of knowledge given out on the YNK podcast yet. So here are three main takeaways from their two-hour conversation.

Focus on yourself instead of focussing on those around you. Do not give time to haters, and do not take time out of your day to be one. When you focus on your mindset and your vision, the world starts to become clearer. In return, life will start to move more organically.

Silence the noise. Meditation and self introspection are great ways to find out what you should truly be paying attention to in life. Do not get sidetracked by popularity or possession. Instead, try to figure out what inspires and motivates you.

Learn to pivot. Whether in business or in your personal life, the world around you is ever changing. Stay true but also be ready to embark on new journeys.

It’s just an online clothing retailer. Picture when you walk through Macy’s, and it’s a ghost town, and you’re like ‘What the f*ck?’ What they should’ve done was created Revolve. But instead, Revolve created Revolve and they just went public last week, and now they’re worth 3 billion dollars.

-Drama to Mike on the success of Revolve and how Macy’s missed the pivot to online retail.

If you find yourself not having the time to listen to this entire episode in one sitting or if you are looking for a specific topic, we’ve got you covered. Below you will find a quick breakdown of several critical parts of the podcast as well as moments where Mike and Drama mention specific names. Click or tap on each to listen. Enjoy Steve.

As always, thank you to all our listeners out there. Special thanks to Jon Kilmer and the rest of the team for making this all come to life. You can tune in on Apple, Spotify, Youtube, and on our podcast website at ynkpodcast.com. Above, you will find the links to access these channels. Please feel free to comment and tell us how we are doing.

Episode Recap

5:00 Revisiting Hardship

14:58 Toxicity of Social Media

21:20 Cutting Bad Habits

23:05 Naval Ravikant

28:50 Meditation

34:33 The Need For Education Reform

41:30 Learning To Pivot

43:13 Joe Rogan

46:40 Ninja & The Future of Gaming

53:15 Did Young Drama Sell Weed?

1:02:10 Rob Dyrdek

1:12:49 Rob & Big

1:17:40 Logan Paul & Jake Paul

1:18:58 Ridiculousness

1:25:40 Instagram & E-Commerce

1:26:35 Beginning of Young & Reckless

1:44:30 A Trip to Joshua Tree

1:52:15 The Chug Bud

1:55:35 Back In The Beer Game

1:59:43 Drama Chugs The Chug Bud

2:01:00 Jordan Belfort

2:10:30 Future Moves For Mike & Drama

Ya Neva Know: you know what I mean? is a weekly lifestyle podcast hosted by musician Mike Stud. It is a show about the meaning of life, the payoffs of positive thinking, and the ability to be able to stop and smell the roses.

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