YNK Recap: “Episode 8: Fam Mirza”

If you have not had the chance to catch this weeks episode, then you’re slacking. Mike and Fam just reached into the upper echelon of what it means to be an entrepreneur. And when I say this, I mean they went and revealed the highest levels of their wisdom on not only the absolutes in business but also on the minute details that many successful people don’t want you to have. We’re talking potential FBI raids because this stuff is so sensitive—seriously though, Fam got raided by the FBI for outsmarting one of the biggest corporations in the world one time.

For all who are wanting to get the main ideas from the business side of things, here are three main takeaways to help breakdown their talking points.

Hustle. Then, hustle some more.

Fam made his first million at the age of 21. How did he do it? The answer is countless hours of making sales and connections himself. When he had his first successful business at 15 selling split jerseys, Fam and his business partner would stand in the bone-chilling Chicago cold flipping the joints to fans on the street. At the same time, he would be making calls to local radio stations in hopes of getting the product in front of the eyes of famous artists. Once Fam saw the fruits of hard labor pay off, he knew he could consistently rely on this method alone.

Find A Mentor.

For Mike and Fam, neither learned the tools of the trade entirely by themselves. They had people take them under their wing and show them the ropes. Their mentors gave them vital wisdom when they needed it most—both in life and in business. Lastly, their mentors told them “No” when nobody else would. For example, through Fam offering his free time as a mentor at the Kairos Society, he met Mehmood Khan, the former Global Vice Chairman of Pepsico, and soon found himself as a mentee yet again. When Fam was about to launch a clothing repellent spray he thought would hit big, Khan told him straight to his face the product wouldn’t sell. The reason? Only about 14% of people are prophylactic, meaning they have preventative habits. What type of product would be better? A Tide Stain Stick.

Give Back.

Fam and Mike both understand there is a natural balance in the world, and that essentially means you get what you put into it. If you find yourself scamming people over fake music deals, karma will hit you back with something wrong down the road. If you take your success and put it into helping others who are less fortunate, you are not only making the world a better place but, you are also generating more positive energy in the present and for the future. Whatever you do, don’t hog your success. Be humble.

The success of that came from such a pure place…it actually had a mission.

Mike complementing Fam’s business, 1:Face Watch.

Whether you are starting your life journey or you are halfway down the road, all of this advice is universal at any age. An overall arching theme in this episode was the idea of manifestation, also known as the belief you can create the world around you. If Fam can go from sleeping on dirt floors to sleeping on private jets, and if Mike can go from a small town in Rhode Island to LA as one of the most successful independent artists in the game, then it goes to show we can have the power to decide who we are and what we want to be in life.

Work hard, listen, and give. The universe will reward you when it’s time, Steve. Just keep going.

As always, thank you to all our listeners out there. Special thanks to Jon Kilmer and the rest of the team for making this all come to life. You can tune in on Apple, Spotify, Youtube, and on our podcast website at ynkpodcast.com. Above, you will find the links to access these channels. Please feel free to comment and tell us how we are doing.

Below you will find a quick breakdown of several specific conversations of the podcast between Mike and Fam in our episode recap.

Episode Recap

1:45 Joe Rogan

5:05 6ix9ine

8:09 Word Of The Day: Gratitude

14:40 Ignorance Is Bliss

15:45 Fam’s First Business

22:50 Gotcha Nike

24:30 Raided

27:35 The Music Game Is A Passion Project

34:17 Fam’s Business Resume

42:40 Mirza Minds

44:35 Steve Jobs

58:36 Mamba Mentality & Focus

59:30 Manifest Your Reality

1:03:40 Give Back

1:06:00 Chug Bud Future Release Details

1:15:40 FOCUS

1:20:45 RAW Rolling Papers

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