YNK Recap “Episode 9: The Steves 2”

Whether it was breaking down the time Versace sh*t his pants on tour or elaborating on the lifestyle choices that will help anyone gain success, this weeks episode showed how to draw the most out of life and how to be able to enjoy the little things. Fun fact: the little things are always the sweetest Steve.

Outside of the hilarious stories the guys told, the primary takeaway was on how Mike stays grounded and healthy.

For example, Mike revealed that sleep is a major key. Get your eight hours. And do not spent a crazy amount of time watching tv or playing on your phone in your room. Instead, train your brain to the know the bedroom is for sleeping only. That way, your mind will automatically associate your bed with sleeping, which results in falling asleep faster.

Not only did Mike give his two cents, but he also cited his sources. Brain scientist, Matt Walker, has given several amazing Ted Talks to where Mike was able to take this knowledge and share it. Walker is the main person Mike learned from on the myths of sleeping and what works. I suggest checking out Walker’s research in the future. It is quite fascinating.

One other piece of wisdom Mike talked about was his philosophy on a famous Wayne Dyer quote, “Open to everything, attached to nothing.” With this mindset, you learn to embrace the world around you and not get stuck. Essentially, you will end up cutting the tension out of your life, because now, you start to understand each person sees the world differently. And that difference is perfectly acceptable. Even blissful once you explore Dyer’s reasoning behind this quote.

Overall, we saw a lot of different talking points. From taking call-ins to sprinkling in advice and wisdom along the way, this week’s episode is perfect for getting with the friends and listening together.

So open up the crib and grab a 30-rack of Bud. Want to cook an affordable meal for the squad too? Get ahold of Kilmer’s special chili recipe and sauce up a big pot. Just make sure you have some candles on deck if you do.

As always, thank you to all our listeners out there. Special thanks to Jon Kilmer and the rest of the team for making this all come to life. You can tune in on Apple, Spotify, Youtube, and on our podcast website at ynkpodcast.com. Above, you will find the links to access these channels. Please feel free to comment and tell us how we are doing.

Want to focus on one specific idea or go straight to the call-ins? Check out our episode recap below so we can take you to it.

Episode Recap

1:25 Marcus Stroman

5:10 Rebranding Baseball

6:20 Tyler Seguin & Mike The Wedding Singer

8:31 How The Steves Stay In Shape

10:55 Intermittent Fasting

16:05 Matt Walker & Sleep

18:15 Joe Rogan

25:55 Wayne Dyer’s “Open To Everything, Attached To Nothing

32:50 Mike Stud Retires

34:46 Mac Miller

37:10 Recruited For Bang Bros

47:14 The Return Of Lotion Girl

49:45 Fan Calls

1:00:00 Seven Laws Of Spiritual Success

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