YNK Recap “Episode 10: Jared Goff”

Well, JG16 came and conquered the pod. And for everyone who thought they were getting the usual run of the mill athlete interview you were proved wrong yet again. You should know by now, Mike relates to athletes. So stop being a bonehead.

This week, the most valuable wisdom from Goff and Mike was the overarching theme of perseverance, getting your a** back up when you fail or get knocked down. For Goff, his whole career has been just that: fighting to prove everyone wrong that he wasn’t a bust after going 0-7 starting his rookie year, showing the league his true talent in pushing the Rams over the Chiefs last year in the regular season, and finishing out a Super Bowl performance after throwing an interception on the first drive. The list goes on.

And let’s not forget about Mike. Hearing each episode his journey, along with every setback and success that has followed him along the way, it goes to show there is a universal theme when you get back up. If you keep going after you fail, if you push yourself through the pain, you will truly find a light that wouldn’t have been there had you not chose to do something. Because life is like a never-ending wave, and you will live on the highest and lowest points—it’s a natural cycle. What you need to make sure of when you do hit that low, when you do fail, is you cannot let yourself get stuck in that low point.

Goff even blessed us all with an acronym, so we remember not to give up when we fail. It’s called PACE. Here it is below:

P – Performance

A – After

C – Critical

E – Error

PACE is all about how you react to the world. It’s about recognizing you have hit a spot you don’t want to be in, and that you are going to do everything you can do to get out of said spot. Familiarize yourself with failure and the unknown so you can learn to come back from it. Turn it into strength.

In what was an excellent episode for both insight into Goff’s career and the experiences of an NFL quarterback, the most important message from it all was how we choose to deal with failure. I think that’s the message we all needed to hear, even if we already knew it — cheers to Goff.

As always, thank you to all our listeners out there. Special thanks to Jon Kilmer and the rest of the team for making this all come to life. You can tune in on Apple, Spotify, Youtube, and on our podcast website at ynkpodcast.com. Above, you will find the links to access these channels. Please feel free to comment and tell us how we are doing.

Want to focus on one specific part of the episode or hear Goff and Mike talk on someone specific? Check out our episode recap below so we can take you to it.

Episode Recap

5:48 Pat Mahomes

9:34 Goff Growing Up

13:45 Super Bowl Pick

20:52 Draft Day Approaches

25:50 Drive The Bus

35:35 Draft Night

39:28 Hard Knocks

44:30 How To Get Started Again After Tough Times

45:40 Jeff Fisher

49:25 Man Crush Joe Rogan

52:00 What It’s Like To Date A Model

59:48 How To Handle Higher Expectations

1:02:30 Sean McVay

10715 Blake Bortles

10930 YNK Beginning

1:14:00 Fortnite

1:19:05 Aliens Steve

1:25:25 Taylor Swift

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