“Episode 12: Camille” Preview

Play it cool this week, 2019’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover model, Camille Kostek, is joining the pod. Aside from being the most beautiful guest YNK has hosted, Camille is insanely cool. Whether it is DD’ing for her squad or consoling a stressed friend while they cry like Kim K in front of the mirror, Camille lives outside of cliche model stereotypes. But you’d know better than to assume that anyways. All in all, Camille is a beautiful bro. Sounds like your dream girl right, Steve? It gets better.

First stepping into the public spotlight as a Patriots cheerleader in 2013, Camille quickly learned how to parlay her personality into more than one industry. When she retired from cheerleading in 2015, she had companies chomping at the bit for her to come work for them. What came next were not only opportunities in reporting and broadcasting, but also the prospect of becoming a household name in modeling—which is what literally happened. However, Camille’s rise to stardom was far from easy. Her biggest obstacle that stood in her way? Outdated industry requirements that models must fit a certain height and weight.

Camille could’ve walked away from modeling and been fine, but she isn’t the type of person to walk away from her dreams. Through patience and hard work, she slowly built up her portfolio. All while defying decades-old norms too. When Sports Illustrated held an open casting call in 2017, Camille had the vision to share her struggles in her submission video. The talent scouts were amazed. So much so, they brought her on and awarded her the inaugural Sports Illustrated Swim Search in spring of 2018.

Now, Camille graces the covers of magazines and ad campaigns across the globe. Companies like L’Oreal, Victoria’s Secret, New Balance, and Reebok are some of the few who have been lucky enough to book her. Fortunately, she found time to sit down with Mike and Kilmer to share her story. She will touch on how to stay humble, how to be real with your friends, and how to have a positive mindset when exploring potential careers.

At the same time, Camille will bring to light some similar wisdom we have heard in past weeks. Does Camille stay in the trenches? Yes, she does. Does she utilize the power of manifestation? Damn right.

Sit back and enjoy this weeks episode. It’s not everyday you get to hear from a woman who can relate to men.

“Episode 12: Camille” will release on Wednesday, September 3rd. You can listen to us on Apple, Spotify, Youtube, and ynkpodcast.com. Click on the icons below to connect to our social outlets and subscribe. As always, thank you to all our listeners out there. Please feel free to comment and shout us out.

Want to learn more about Camille before the episode? Check out her first vlog below.

Ya Neva Know: you know what I mean? is a weekly lifestyle podcast hosted by musician Mike Stud. It is a show about the meaning of life, the payoffs of positive thinking, and the ability to be able to stop and smell the roses.

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